IYF Culture

What is Culture?

The IYF Culture Festival is an annual event where 30 different countries will be showcased through booths and performances. The theme is “Explore the World.” We hope to bring about cultural awareness through visual and performing arts, ethnic foods, traditional games, and other activities.

This event is completely organized and staffed by college students of the IYF and those who have finished their terms as Good News Corps (GNC) Overseas Volunteers. The GNC volunteers return after spending one year in foreign countries living with the people and their customs. The Culture Festival provides an opportunity for these volunteers to present their overseas experiences through cultural performances, traditional games, costumes, music, and other activities. The volunteers wholeheartedly plan and organize the exhibition. They make every booth, advertise the event, invite VIPs, and participate in all of the performances.

“Challenge, Change, Cohesion” This is the motto of the International Youth Fellowship (IYF). Students who have taken part in the planning, organizing, and advertising of Culture have gone through each of the core values of IYF. They challenged themselves as they brought about the event from the ground up; they overcame their burdens and difficulties and as a result became stronger and experienced change; they came together with one heart and with one goal in mind – to plan a successful event for the community.

The IYF Culture Festival, of course, is a day filled with fun and excitement for both attendees and coordinators alike. With mind-blowing performances, thrilling activities, and amazing people, who would enjoy such an event? However, on top of all the fun, we hope that you can take home a little bit of IYF, the hearts of the students who planned and organized this event.



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